Chalet made ​​from solid pine wood thickness of 33 mm. Tongue-and-groove joint system allows for very easy installation, as well as all the walls of the hut marked with the appropriate number. Interconnection of the walls gives the building more str

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Chalet have pre-fabricated floor which needs to be placed on a perfectly flat surface during the assembly. The construction begins on this floor, first with half board trimming followed by the rest of the boards. The roof is made of the 20 mm thick boards. The tar roofing paper is avaliable with the purchase of the house. All of the doors and windows are supplied with plexiglass, windows can be opened.

Advantages of the chalet: easy assembly, the products of large dimensions, pre-prepared pediments of the roof.

In order to assure the most accurate production of the board we have computer supported machinery.

Chalet are protected by primer brown.